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A Robin Hood remake?

Another animated classic is lined up for the remake treatment over at Disney. This time opting for the timeless tale of Robin Hood.

The 1973 animated film has quite a legacy not only for being many children's introduction to the mythical hero, but also implanting itself in pop culture for its music and characters.

At this stage, Disney remakes have become the new normal, with the company having released 12 re-imaginings in the past few years. With five of them released in 2019. One of those remakes was Lady and the Tramp, one of the first exclusives made for Disney Plus, which this film is reported to also debut on.

Robin Hood will also bring back Kari Granlund on writing duty as she did for Lady and the Tramp, with Carlos López Estrada penned to direct.

The team seems to imply that Disney is playing it rather safe, as Lady and the Tramp was largely seen as a generic retelling that fitted the small screen due to its budgetary constraints.

That being said the delayed live-action remake of Mulan did appear to be a step in the right direction as far as portraying itself as something different. While we are yet to see the results of that experiment, Robin Hood has the opportunity to play more with the world, as well as the catchy folk music, or even unused big band tracks released on Disney's Legacy Collection album.

Disney will have a delicate line to balance as usual, not only because of potential parallels to Zootopia (which was partly inspired by Robin Hood), but also the debate over whether a largely CGI film can be considered live-action.

While many versions of Robin Hood have been made with real-life actors, if Disney didn't incorporate the original concept of the tale told in the animal kingdom, would it even be considered a remake?

These are all questions fans will have, who are as usual torn on their beloved childhood film being remade.

Though I think the question we all have is will the film recreate the strange sex appeal that the characters and film have largely been remembered for?

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