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Cling-Film - Toy Story - The 25th Anniversary

For those trying to wrap their heads around our brand new series ‘Cling-Film’, I ask you, what do you do with your leftover food? Are you the type of homicidal maniac that throws it away, or are you sane and seal it in order to preserve its freshness?

In a nutshell, that’s what ‘Cling-Film’ is all about, we want to retain the freshness of some of film's most noteworthy displays.

In this bi-weekly series, we'll show you films of the past that we feel you all need to "cling" onto. One rule - In the interest of being timely, the film must have an anniversary coming up or be as close to when the film was released as possible. So fasten your seatbelts, as we get ready to go "to infinity and beyond" with the inaugural release of ‘Cling-Film’.


What were you doing on the 22nd of November 1995? It doesn’t matter, because this was the date that Disney Pixar released Toy Story into the universe and nothing, absolutely nothing, could surpass that.

The first feature-length computer-animated film, Toy Story, sent Pixar Animation Studios into orbit and set them on a course to the very top of the animation world. The film is now regarded as one of the true classics, but on its release, Walt Disney Studios were taking a massive risk on John Lasseter and his team's idea about talking toys.


Moments we want to cling on to...

The Claw of Destiny

Let’s face it, the entirety of the Toy Story franchise is a moment to remember, It’s something that has dawned on our screens for the past 25 years, and during that time we’ve been given four feature-length films, a variety of specials, and moments to last a lifetime.

We absolutely adore these toys, and as the little green men once said, "you have saved our lives we are eternally grateful." I’m not making the claim that Toy Story has the miraculous power to save lives, but I’m certainly saying we are ‘eternally grateful’ to Disney Pixar for helping make childhood memories, and teaching us to treat our toys with the utmost respect.

Forget about clinging on to this moment - It's about clawing on instead.

The notorious Pizza Planet scene, in which Buzz and Woody find themselves locked in the prize machine with the aliens, is something we have no choice but to cling to.

These three-eyed creatures or as Woody describes them as ‘zealots’ believe that the ‘Claw’ is their messiah, and will eventually take them to the promised land or in this film's case, Sid’s bedroom of nightmares.

An instantly recognizable montage the ‘Claw’ became a standard inclusion throughout the rest of the collection. It even had a defining moment in Toy Story 3 when the aliens end up saving the gang’s life with a massive claw-like digger.

Honestly, these guys are the real heroes

The Rescue

If you had to pick one moment from the entire film, that stayed with you right into your adult life, then it would have to be this one. Watching this as an innocent whippersnapper was a whirlwind of an experience. Will they make it? Are the toys going to send Woody to his demise? When will RC make his Formula One debut?

The rescue mission was a rollercoaster ride that made us want to jump into the screens and help our favourite heroes, as they tried desperately to make it back to the moving van before it was too late.

But, fortunately, they didn’t need our help, they had a remote control car and an exploding rocket as Buzz Lightyear, and Woody, flew all the way next to their dear Andy.

But was it flying? No. It was falling with style.

The toys meet Buzz for the first time

This scene will always be amongst the most captivating in the Toy Story universe and possibly the galaxy. The first time we met Buzz was on Andy’s bed, and the same goes for Andy’s toys. The scene of him inspecting Andy’s room for the first time is a true classic, and created unforgettable moments that still resonate with people today.

Watching the sheriff scale that bed to reach the top, only to be met with an outlandish space ranger, is pure Disney gold. Buzz looks utterly confuddled, as he becomes accustomed to his new surroundings when he blurts out the classic line, “There seem to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere." I mean seriously Buzz, is that any way to speak to your future friends?


Characters we want to cling on to...

Buzz Lightyear

How many people has this fictional toy inspired over the years? With his never-say-die attitude and charismatic personality, it was a no-brainer that buzz was going to make the cut. The man that never gives up and always finds a way to overcome evil, be it by brute force or from his infamous catchphrase- "to infinity and beyond."

Toy Story is a timeless classic, but it’s only as good as the animated characters that inhabit it, and they just so happen to be some of the best pixels that ever graced Pixar. The brawny Buzz Lightyear and his green and purple suit reserve a special place in the hearts of the millions.

Sheriff Woody

We have a feeling the cowboy wouldn’t be too happy with us for being second on this list, especially after playing second fiddle to Buzz for the majority of the first film. But in the words of Mr. Lightyear himself, “you are a sad, strange little man".

Fun Fact: That line was created by Joss Whedon, a writer for Toy Story and creator of the iconic TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But In all seriousness, Toy Story would not be the same without the inclusion of the loveable cowboy doll, even if he does have a case of abandonment issues. Andy’s favourite toy would do anything for his friends, and of course Andy.

These days, Woody is a bit preoccupied with his darling sweetheart Bo Peep, as they left at the end of Toy Story 4 to start their own life together. Out of curiosity, what do you get when you mix a cowboy and a shepherdess?


I hear you, believe me, I do. You’re thinking to yourself, where is Andy? Well, before you start inciting a riot, all I ask is that you hear my case for this Tyrannosaurus rex.

We should hold on to Rex, so tightly, because he is a representation of how people are feeling right now. Who here has anxiety? Perhaps an inferiority complex? Or maybe you think you’ll never be good enough. Rex proved to himself that all of these things were lies, he overcame the demons inside his ‘Mattel’ mindset and showed us that he has the marbles to take on the world. For what he lacks in arms he makes up for with a massive caring personality that dislikes confrontation nearly as much as he dislikes the sinister Emperor Zurg.


The Wrap Up...

This film is the starting point for every feature-length computer-animated film, you have ever seen in your life. Toy Story will forever be spoken about when people talk about classic animated films, and that’s partly because without Toy Story, you don't have the platform for this genre. Of course, other films would’ve come about, but would they carry with them the nostalgia that Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang bring with them? I think not. Toy created a new world, a trend that other animated films could only replicate as we later dived into the ocean, to different planets, or even into history.

Consider this film to be officially preserved with a never-ending expiry date.


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