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Cursed- Netflix's new fantasy epic

Updated 30/06/20- the series has a new official trailer which is also linked below.

Since the end of Game of Thrones, many fantasy stories have looked to become the next big hit, with Netflix particularly looking to fill that gap. Debuting original series such The Dark Crystal and The Witcher in 2019 has put them in good stead for their latest adaptation...

CURSED which will come to the streaming service on July 17th, is adapted from an illustrated YA novel of the same name. With the release date right around the corner, Netflix has given us the first real look at the series with a new trailer.

The series and book tell the story of Nimue, a teenage girl who has been bestowed the legendary sword of Excalibur instead of King Arthur. In the trailer, we hear Nimue say "the legend says this sword belongs to the one true King, but what if the sword chooses a Queen?"

CURSED is not only looking to follow in the steps of many franchises by giving us a female heroine but is tapping into the young adult market with the casting of Katherine Langford. Here playing Nimue the actress is largely known for her breakout role in 13 Reasons Why, also on Netflix.

But who is Nimue? Perhaps more traditionally known as The Lady of the Lake, in the original Arthurian legend Nimue granted Arthur his sword Excalibur, as-well-as giving Merlin his powers, and resurrecting Lancelot from the dead. So as powerful deities go, she ranks pretty high.

Not only does the series show the current appetite for epic fantasy, but also Hollywood's obsession with these famous legends. The last few years have given us the likes of Arthur: Legend of the Sword, The Kid Who Would Be King, and even the fan favourite Merlin television series. Thankfully CURSED seems like a new and different take on the story, with the characters of Arthur and Merlin still appearing but played by a more diverse cast.

The trailer shows off dark and gritty visuals similar to what we saw in The Witcher and Game of Thrones, but yet its the young adult aspect that could keep this series from reaching a wider audience.

Netflix's Locke and Key which was released back in February also struggled with its mixed tone, and while many shows on the service such as Riverdale and Sabrina may succeed from their younger demographic, its the broad appeal of Game of Thrones and The Witcher that won them such high praise.

One thing is for sure, Netflix is certainly amping up its many high budget series...

Check out the trailer below and let us what you think! Are you excited?

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