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Has Toy Story become too serious?

The new and first official trailer for Toy Story 4 has finally been released with only three months to go until the long talked about sequel. Is it what we hoped for?

It's a difficult question to answer because for many people the Toy Story franchise didn't need a new entry, feeling the third film completed the story just fine.

While Toy Story has stayed with us in the form or short films and tv specials, Toy Story 4 neither feels like a long awaited film nor one with a huge amount of excitement around it.

After the disappointing performance of The Lego Movie 2 along with the lack lustre buzz for Disney animation after Ralph Breaks the Internet, could Toy Story 4 drop in performance compared to its previous films?

In a recent trip to the cinema I was stood in line behind two mothers who commented on a standee for Toy Story 4. "Another one?" one of them said, with the conversation moving on to how the last film was enough thanks to how upsetting its finale was. This new trailer seems to continue with that emotional feel, which makes it seem like it could be a sad time for all...

A lot of the justification for this sequel has so far been telling the story of what happened to Bo-Peep and wrapping up the love story that was set up between her and Woody. Bo's inclusion has been at the centre of the film's advertising and this is no exclusion.

The trailer sees her telling Woody of life as a lost toy, the bigger and wider world, laughing at how Woody always saves the day. Its certainly the toughened Bo we were promised but coupled with creepy antique dolls and the story of the purpose of a toy's existence, it all comes across as rather serious.

Now yes that's always been apart of the Toy Story movies. From the creepy experiments of Sid in Toy Story 1 to the bitter characters of daycare in number 3. But this all further justifies the fact that we've seen a lot of this before.

Having recently watched through the trilogy , I loved as I always have the questions brought up around the purpose of a toy. The second film saw Woody torn over how he would live out his life, while the third showed the affect of a lost toy such as Lotso. Do we have to go over all this again?

With this new character Forky, questioning his existence and "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys playing in the background, this is all getting a bit too deep for my liking.

There are elements and visuals I like and while I'm sure there is a lot we are yet to see especially in regards to comedy from the likes of Key and Peele. But Pixar's past criticism over being too emotionally manipulative seems to be especially on show here.

Bonnie crying for her lost toys, flashbacks of Andy and emotional imagery of Woody and Bo. If I wanted to be depressed I'd watch Precious.

The first three films are some of my favourites of all time, but like many releases this year, this is a trip down memory lane we maybe didn't need...

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