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Five of the scariest non-Disney animated characters

It’s a hard thing to believe, but animation and animated characters do exist outside of the Disney universe - they have over 800 animated characters in their collection, so it comes as no surprise as to why they are the rulers of the digital world.

But let’s be real, 800 characters isn’t a collection, it’s pretty much a small army. So, when the unpreventable World War III happens, at least we can give Disney a ring and see if their creations are up for the fight.

Life outside of Disney is when animated characters start to break the mold - many beloved characters have come from outside their realms including, Shrek, Felonius Gru, and Sam Sparks. And truth be told, we don’t care about any of them. Sorry, let me rephrase that, for the purpose of this list they just aren’t scary enough.

This means we had to dig deep and scour some pretty dark places as we present to you five of the scariest animated characters that aren't from the Disney universe.

1) Other Mother (Coraline) - Laika

Anyone or anything with buttons for eyes deserves a place on this list.

The Beldam or known as Other Mother when using her disguise is a shape-shifting demon who lures children into another world intending to enter their lives and capture their souls forever (how is this a children's movie).

The Beldam's true form is soul-destroying. Buttons are one thing, but skeleton spiders are something that can’t be unseen.

2) Him & Mojo (The Powerpuff Girls Movie) - Warner Bros. Pictures

Technically Him isn't in the Powerpuff Girls Movie, but we just had to include the transgender lobster-satan, as he is, without doubt, one of the evilest souls on this list. Everything about Him is discomforting, and his jagged voice still goes through me to this day.

For further evidence that this evil-doer is crazy, please see the video below.

Equally as evil and crazy, is the Powerpuff Girls archenemy - Mojo Jojo.

The super-intelligent chimpanzee is always trying to carry out a diabolical plan that involves taking over the world, which, you guessed it, always ends up failing.

For all the bad said about Mojo Jojo, we are a massive fan of his sick threads, the blue and purple cape paired with a pinstriped futuristic helmet is a look that you can guarantee Asos will be pushing in 2021.

3) General Woundwort (Watership Down) - Nepenthe Productions

This isn’t the type of bunny that will leave chocolate eggs around your house. He is savage and vicious with a cruel personality to match. General Woundwort is the overlord of Efrafa and rules with a firm and fluffy iron paw.

It’s fair to say that General Woundwort has been hitting the gym and packing the protein - with his muscular body and defined features. He has one green eye and is blind in the other, but don’t let this fool you - General Woundwort is the Joseph Stalin of the rabbit world.

The kill count for Watership Down is a total of 62 animals with the film getting a U (universal) rating, yeah, I think that needs rechecking...

4) The Red Bull (The Last Unicorn) - Jensen Farley Pictures

The Last Unicorn's premise is pretty much in the title. The 1982 film sends us on a journey as a unicorn learns that she is the last of her kind. All the other unicorns before her have been slaughtered by the monstrous and relentless, Red Bull.

The Last Unicorn is what happens when you mix horror and fantasy together, it presents scaringly unique characters, and that’s most certainly the case with The Red Bull. This fiery bull looks like he could devour you in one fell swoop with his blood-red body and hollow eyes - no matador would dare flash a flag in front of this bull’s face.

Fun fact: Hollywood starlet, Mia Farrow, provided the voice of the unicorn.

5) The Spider (The Secret of NIMH) - MGM/UA Entertainment Company

It’s no secret that The Secret of NIMH is home to one of the most grotesque animated characters on the list - The Spider.

The film follows Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH as she desperately tries to save her son from pneumonia while trying not to get killed by the farmer and his plough (EastEnders take note).

The film has many traumatizing sequences, but the pinnacle is when they pay a visit to the Great Owl - whose lair is filled to the brim with bones of his deceased prey. Not too far from the lair is an 8 legged monster with a pair of glowing eyes that will pierce through your soul in a flash.

If you didn’t have arachnophobia before this list, then you will definitely have it now.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Fresh Take and be sure to give some of these classics a watch during the spooky season.

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