• Aled L Griffiths

Review - Game of Thrones Episode 1

" .. Khaleesi's love for power far outweighs her love for Jon, which begs the question, are we about to see Westeros' hottest couple fight it out to the death?"


The review is dark and full of spoilers. You have been warned! An overview of my thoughts:- So here we are, we've suddenly arrived at the final season of arguably the greatest television series of all time. Now before you throw the likes of The Sopranos and Breaking Bad at me, let me explain why I might think you could very well be right. Game of Thrones is an absolute world-wide phenomenon who's legacy will remain as the TV series that purposely made you fall in love with it's brilliantly deep characters only for them to slap you in the face and brutally kill them off, treating it's audiences like guinea pigs when it comes to testing torturous literature to the masses and of course the super cool dragons, but... Can we please acknowledge that it's just not good as it used to be? Seasons 1-4 is probably it's strongest seasons with season 3 being (IMO) the best. With the best scenes being deeply complex dialogue driven monologues with fabulous characters. Scheming, betrayal, war, violence and Lena Headey sat at a table sipping wine being brilliant.. ugh how good was it? Gone are those days. This isn't me saying that the show sucks now, it's.. it's just great now, not quite groundbreaking.

Game of Thrones is now a TV series that follows George R R Martin's story via bullet points rather than using entire novels, and this is probably my issue. For reasons better described by someone else, if you're interested in hearing why Game of Thrones' better season's are it's earliest then click the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWHhMc8fr-E EPISODE 1: WINTERFELL So how did the return of Game of Thrones do? It was good. I'm writing a review about episode 1 and 2 together because I can't help but feel these two episodes would've faired better had they been broadcasted as one big episode. The entire point to episode 1 is the help the viewers jump back onto that moving train, the moving train which is probably going very very fast right now (which I'll get into soon). It's to reacquaint you with what's going on, who's going where and how much the North really do hate outsiders.. poor Danny. So lets begin to break this episode down with what was good, what was ok and what didn't quite work. To start off with, having already seen the first two episodes, I can't help but feel like we're now 2/6 episodes into the final season and nothing major has occurred yet. Granted, the ongoing building feud between Jon (now Aegon) and Daenerys is the slow-burner I'm craving and I have some theories going into episode 3 on how these two will come to blows but again.. (I'll get into that soon). The best part about this episode was seeing so many characters realise how their stories have intertwined over the years, such as the likes of Daenerys realising that she's obliterated house Tarly, (someone give Sam a cuddle for fuck sakes). It's fair to say that tension is the nucleus of this episode as the Starks welcome Dany and co to Winterfell. A cold reception to say the least (see what we did there?) as Sansa rightly points out that she didn't calculate feeding two extra army's and of course two fully grown dragons. It's fair to say Dany's not received the warmest of welcomes though this leads into a theory of mine when it comes to episode 3. ** If you don't want a potential spoiler then I'd advise to stop reading.. scroll on down to the next paragraph**

.. my theory is that the Night King might not actually show up to the battle of Winterfell (though if he does then cool) but instead, he might head on down straight to Kings landing to a) take the throne for himself but also b) to add a few million or so to his already devastating army, in fear of this, Dany will abandon Jon and co by heading to the capital herself via Drogon, Jon will then face the dilemma of deciding whether or not to join her or to stay and fight for his people. Does he embrace his newly found lineage or will he fight for the North? THE BIG REVEAL.. well not really but was cool to see none the less. Of course it had to be Sam to tell Jon of his lineage, it's interesting that his initial reaction was to question his (sorta) father (Ned's) honour in asking if he'd lied to him all his life. What i love the most about this whole scene is that if you cast your mind back to when Jon and Ned last spoke to each other, Ned told Jon "Next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother, hm?" Ned Stark, even in death, he's a man of his word as this entire scene where Sam delivers the news of Jon's lineage, it's done all as Jon see's his fathers statue in the crypts beneath Winterfell. Fitting, poetic and great storytelling. The reunions.. ugh. Melts your heart, doesn't it? What I find so incredibly cruel is that a lot of the first two episodes has had a lot of lovely, tender and sweet moments. I feel this will further ruin all our lives once they violently kill off our faves. It's fair to say some of the best reunions were centred around a certain Arya Stark. Now let's see.. Arya and the Hound <3 Arya and Gendry (hubba hubba) and of course, Arya and Jon (YOU CRIED TOO!). Though I have to give my second favourite reunion of the whole episode to Tormund Giantsbane and Jon "My little crow" .. how pure. Now now now, to my absolute favourite reunion was the final scene. "I'm waiting for an old friend".. of course he was waiting for Jaime but I did not expect it. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's Jaime Lannister has genuinely been one of the most consistently interesting characters throughout the entire series and has arguably one of the best arcs, his scene with Brianne of Tarth in the bath back in season 3 is considered to be one of the best scenes in the entire show. Though the look on his face once he realises who the creepy little weirdo in the Winterfell courtyard is, is PRICELESS. "the things we do for love huh?" .. speaking of which.. Verdict-