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That new Endgame trailer... Am I right?

Marvel Studios has now released the official trailer for Avengers Endgame along with with this new poster. Beautiful isn't it? Ten years of the MCU has led to this, but does the trailer reveal anything new?

Ever since the release of Avengers Infinity War, the internet has been filled with theories, speculation and enough hype to power the Marvel train for another 10 years. Many believed and even advocated for the idea that Marvel would not even release a trailer for Endgame, leaving the film a completely mystery for audiences after the devastating ending of its predecessor.

While that was possible it was unlikely Disney would not want to promote one of the most anticipated and potentially biggest earning movies of all time. Information from Marvel regarding the sequel thus far has been pretty limited with only a few set pictures and toy leaks to give us any information until recently.

Much of Marvel's promotion so far has focused on the ending of Infinity War while reminding audiences of the journeys these characters have taken since the first Avengers film back in 2012.

This official trailer begins with the same theme, this time using imagery from Iron Man (2008), Thor (2011) Captain America: the First Avenger (2011) and Civil War (2016) which proves to be an excellent way of evoking not only the Marvel legacy but the pure emotions we have for these core characters.

A look back at the dusted Avengers with some well chosen dialogue in the background drives home how massive the stakes are for our heroes and how affected they have been from the events of the last few movies.

Images of a woeful Tony Stark and a troubled Cap aren't exactly new, but the music and the way the trailer builds emotion is excellent. We now see more of Hawkeye's story in what looks to be him looking back on training his daughter to be a fellow archer (it could be Kate Bishop, but I feel the family picnic in the background suggests its Clint bonding with all his family).

Cut then to a shot previously shown in the teaser with Hawkeye now looking more broken than before being comforted by old friend Natasha, this emphasises the iconic relationships they are able to show us in just a few images.

After more shots of bemused, worried and serious expressions form the likes of Thor, Bruce Banner and Scott Lang, with some action shot spliced in we start to see some epic and striking images of a dark and serious battle possibly at some sort of climax to the film.

As always Karen Gillan kills it as Nebula and makes me hopeful that she will be given an apt amount of screen time to truly pull off the emotional story they have built up for her. Shots of Rocket Raccoon on top of War Machine, Ant-Man navigating dangers in his microscope world and a battle torn Steve Rogers heighten the epic nature of this trailer along with teasing potential heartbreak.

With the first official look at the theorised quantum realm or space suits donned by this new Avengers team, the iconic theme music blares as we are given the gorgeous space tinted title card.

Now while that may be enough to please the most casual of fans, a Marvel product wouldn't be complete without a tease at the end and so cue Captain Marvel! No matter your opinion on Brie Larson or the latest Captain Marvel movie, this interaction with Thor is enough to get any fan pumped and certainly had me clapping my hands for just how perfect their subtle and simplistic interaction is.

The trailer is epic, emotional and simply beautiful, especially for fans who have followed these movies since their beginning. Much like the official trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens back in 2015 this strikes the emotional core of its fanbase. A property so ingrained in people's conscious, with such importance to audiences thanks its iconic imagery, narrative and music will surely reach new heights.

And according to Kevin Feige and the Russo's much of this marketing primarily features footage from only the first 30 minutes of the film!

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