• Aled L Griffiths

Review - Game of Thrones Episode 2

"Episode 2 didn't hold back in further solidifying Dany's shift in her character arc as someone who seems to be an outcast since arriving in the North."

EPISODE 2: A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS Again, a heavily heart-warming episode full of emotional callbacks. Humour i didn't expect to see, weird milk-themed origin stories and one of the purest moments of the entire series in Brienne's knighthood. (Though this does make us sad). So fuck it, let's jump straight into it, "A Knight of the seven kingdoms" it finally happened for our girl, her dreams came true and done so by her idol. Arise Ser Brienne of Tarth! Did you guys see her fucking face at the end? Did you see it? My heart melted then came the sudden realisation that her arc is complete, she's fulfilled her destiny so to speak and in Westeros there's only one thing left for it. AN HONOURABLE DEATH (pls don't make it too heartbreaking) Overall this episode doesn't live up to it's predecessor, further solidifying my stance on how they should've merged episode 1 and 2 together, it's a slow burner with the majority of characters sat in groups discussing how far they've all come in their own journeys. The likes of the Hound suggesting he looked out for Arya after she claimed he was selfish. Episode 2 was also one full of discussion in who will stay in the crypts and who will be out battling to the death once the army of the dead arrive, here we get a small glimpse of some old faves such as Gilly and Ghost, if you were wondering what they'd been up to recently, well now you know. THEORY DEBUNK TIME: I've seen a lot of talk online suggesting that perhaps the crypts beneath Winterfell isn't the safest place to be after all. We all know the Night King's ability to summon the dead to join his army and many believe he will do the same to the dead Starks currently resting in the crypts. Here's my problem. Cast your minds back to Season 7's finale. The Hound carries a wooden grate into the destroyed dragon pit in Kings Landing to present to Queen Cersei, if a WOODEN BOX can contain a fearsome ice zombie then surely we've got nothing to worry about in terms of seeing dead-zombie Starks?! Surely?.. I guess time will tell. Episode 2 didn't hold back in further solidifying Dany's shift in her character arc as someone who seems to be an outcast since arriving in the North. Her attempts to sway her damaged alliance with the likes of Lady Sansa, possibly further perpetuating her call to the dark side (wrong franchise but you get what I mean). Her motivation in being so hell-bend on reclaiming what is rightly hers, (or so she thinks), is really the only thing that's keeping her in the North. This doesn't help once we reach the episode's climax when Jon drops the bombshell to end all bombshells when he reveals its him who is indeed the true heir to the iron throne. Understandably she doesn't take to the news very well, she doesn't seem too arsed about the fact it's her nephew she's been banging but more so that the very thing she's spent the series fighting for could all have been for nothing. She's become more and more ruthless during her quest for the throne, evidently when she executes the Tarly's. It's fair to say this could lead to an interesting conclusion with the series' climax. Perhaps it wont conclude with the dead vs the living but in fact Dany vs Jon. Khaleesi's love for power far outweighs her love for Jon, which begs the question, are we about to see Westeros' hottest couple fight it out to the death? Will one be the end to the other? Winter may have arrived but boy oh boy is it hotting up.

There were a few other things that happened that we're fine, Arya's sex scene was indeed a sex scene and people need to calm down, it was believable and didn't compromise her as a character and was done tastefully. I did enjoy finding out that the google search for "Arya Stark Actress age" massively spiked during the runtime of this episode. I though Tyrion's scenes we're excellent and i can't help but feel he's been a little wasted over the course of the last couple seasons, i do believe he will have a big part to play in the lead up to the season finale and perhaps his off-screen conversation with Bran has something to do with it. Overall the first two episodes have been thoroughly enjoyable though i can't help but weep at how incredibly rushed season 7 and 8 feel. George R R Martin has since come out and said if the TV followed his books then HBO would be looking at roughly 13 seasons, which I understand for most would be too much and could end up becoming a little similar to the likes of The Walking Dead where fans are just waiting for the series to end. I feel GOT could've easily spread out the story to maybe 9 seasons with 10 episodes for season and concluded their story in a way that would satisfy fans but also keep the pace at a steady level. None the less I'm beyond excited for episode 3 where I'm confident in saying that a lot of our heroes will not make it to the end credits.