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Sam Raimi directing Doctor Strange sequel?

The confirmation we've all been waiting for, the master of genre filmmaking has all but confirmed his involvement in Doctor Strange 2, after months of rumours. We hope...

We've peaked the Doctor's interest...

While the news has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, with contracts likely yet to be signed, Raimi teased his involvement in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness at a recent conference call for his series 50 States of Fright.

Responding to a question over whether he ever thought he would direct Doctor Strange (in large part because of the coincidental mention made in Spider-Man 2) Raimi confirmed the rumour when he replied- "when we had that moment... I had no idea that we would ever be making a Doctor Strange movie."

The scene Rami refers to is when Doctor Strange is suggested as a name for Doc Ock by J.Jonah Jameson's assistant in 2004's Spider-Man 2. In the sequence, Jameson comments that its a good name, but taken, a nod to the historic character, who either exits as a comic book character or real hero in Rami's Spidey universe.

Ironically Stephen Strange has a history for name drops and cameos in and out of the MCU. One of the biggest easter eggs in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was when Strange was announced among a list of characters around two and a half years before his debut film. Along with appearances in animated shows, such as the 1990's Spiderman series, it only seems right that Strange is not only involved in a multi-dimension storyline, but it is now being handled by a veteran comic book fan like Sam Rami.

Spider-Man devotees have long yearned for Rami to return to the comic book genre as many of them grew up on his Spider-Man trilogy which was largely responsible for our current superhero boom. While rumours have circulated around a Spider-Man 4, or potential live-action Spiderverse film, Multiverse of Madness could be what all fans have wanted and more.

Rami will now have access to the various characters of the MCU while putting his own spin on the characters with the various worlds the film can visit.

Rami's knack for fantasy and horror make him a great match for the project, especially as this has been promised as the MCU's first real "horror film".

But while the internet will undoubtedly be ablaze for the next few years, it is important for us to not get too ahead of ourselves. While Rami's involvement may instantly lead some to believe we could see elements of his Spider-Man trilogy, it is important to remember Rami always ensured his Spidey films were focused and contained.

With previous Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson leaving over creative differences, there may be a lot of work to do on this big project that may have Marvel and Disney nervous at the complexities of the story and a family-friendly horror film.

Either way, with Rami having creative control over characters like Wanda Maximoff and potentially comic supervillain- Nightmare this is sure to be a treat for comic book fans around the globe.

Not convinced? Go remind yourself of Rami's "Birth of Doc Ock" from Spider-Man 2...

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