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The Boy's superb moments (eps 1-7)

America, the land of opportunity - a place where you can chase your dream state to state with the hope of getting a big XL slice of that American dream pie (served with milk for Homelander.)

The American dream was something that used to be captivating with its quaint simplicity of living off the fat of the land, a dream that is slowly dying. Its fate will soon be sealed if real-life super terrorist Donald Trump secures a second term in office and unleashes a "compound fake tan" onto the world.

The Boys season two has felt like a dream at times with its sensational violent sequences and bizarre moments that, like the US election, will stay with you. Reflecting the corruption and tension in the states, thanks to Vought and Homelander's egos, season two has perfectly captured the mood and chaos of 2020.

So before digging into the mind-blowing finale, here are some unforgettable moments from this season...


The Deep and those gorgeous gills

The Boys missed a trick when they didn't get the face of Gil Gunderson to be the Deep's respiratory organs because by now Ol Gil deserves a change of luck. What we did get was something much better with the voice of stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt, who used his charm and charisma to make one of the most bizarre moments ever seen on the small screen (from this show, that's saying a lot).

After some resilience to this personal TED talk, The Deep finally gives in and looks at his gills in the mirror for the first time in years and allows them back into his life. Things get even "deeper" as the pair perform a duet of Joe Cocker's 1974 hit You Are So Beautiful.

It was upon completing this scene that I knew we had achieved the closest thing to a magic mushroom trip without trying the real thing.

This wasn't The Deep's only aquatic altercation of the season. Lest we forget Lucy, the whale who tried her best to stop Butcher and the boys but instead ended up with a crater the size of Homelander's ego carved into her body...

Ryan learning how to fly

“Hey Alexa play Foo Fighters Learn to Fly”

Possibly the greatest scene of the whole season involves a man throwing a child from a 15-foot drop. I mean I’ve heard of overbearing parents, but usually, that doesn’t involve nearly killing them...

This isn’t just any parent though, it’s Homelander, who is the type of dad that would take his son to a football game and laser the hot-dog vendor because they were out of mustard before checking the latest Vought popularity rankings.

But why was the American golden boy so forceful with his supe son? Raised by retired Vought scientist Jonah Vogelbaum, Homelander clearly has his own childhood trauma and daddy issues as he was turned from sweet little John into the monster we know today.

Interestingly, the same themes play out with Homelander's rival William Butcher, who this season is forced to confront his abusive drunk Father who led Butcher to his violent life, and tough attitude.

"Stewie" (or should that be Stughie?)

Cute couple names aside, Hughie and Starlight’s relationship has been the beacon of hope and happiness for most of the series. After all, if a skinny comic book nerd (or twink as Maive would put it) can win over a superhero, then surely there's hope for everyone, right?

Watching their relationship grow has been a much-needed distraction from all the gore and crude violence The Boys is known for. One of the highlights is undoubtedly when the pair are heading to North Carolina and burst into singing We Didn’t Start The Fire at the top of their voices. It's a charming moment and one that was certainly not enjoyed by Mother's Milk who was trying to drive the car in a sleek under the radar way. "This isn't no Vegas road trip."

From their open discussion at the vending machines about their feelings, fears, and Almond Joys, to the emotional rescues scattered throughout the series (Hughie literally lending a hand in episode seven has to be the pinnacle). Hughie and Annie (Starlight) have been like the young kids of the series, adding weight and compassion to every scene they are in.


Ah, the classic sadistic supe.

Stormfront has been superb from the moment she entered the playing field. The pocket-sized Nazi added a new flavour to this season with her racism, xenophobia, and top-tier meme usage.

Aya Cash has given the performance of her life in the role of Stormfront, who now feels just as integral to The Boys as the rest of The Seven.

Her being found out to be Liberty, her relationship with Homelander (graphic relationship), and her use of social media and marketing techniques have been pivotal to the show’s plot. The way she weaponizes the media to her advantage perfectly reflects the politicians and influencers of the real world.

“You don’t need fifty million people to love you: you just need five million people f*****g pissed.” If Donald Trump was ever going to have another stormy moment and cheat on Melania, then it would probably be with Stormfront...

Compound V

Attention: If you or a loved one were exposed to corona, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The world has given the virus to multiple victims, without their knowledge or consent. If you believe that you or a loved one were administered corona, call the law firm of Bremmer & Bremmer at 1-888-177-2774 for a free legal consultation. Know your rights!

Hmm, swap the words ‘Compound V’ for ‘corona’, and you begin to see the similarities and potential conspiracy theories that can spawn from such a story.

We all remember the scene when the headline flashed across the screen ‘Superheroes Are Not Born, But Made’ as the shocking truth about Compound V was released to the universe.

Everyone thought that it was over for Vought, but they did what any other evil Dow Jones Index company would do. They turned a crisis into cash flow and pinned the blame on anyone else. In Vought’s case, it was Madelyn Stillwell. Vought didn't get away with it though as they had to face congresswoman Victoria Neuman’s hearing.

While the hearing seemed sure to be a pretty political affair that would finally expose Vought, let's just say it turned into mindblowing television...

Honourable mentions

Lamplighter’s introduction is a great sequence that allowed us to get more of a grip on Frenchie and his past as we are bombarded with flashbacks of the bombmaker’s life. We learn about his failure to stop Lamplighter from accidentally killing Grace Mallory’s family and how he punishes himself on a daily basis as he tries to atone for his mistakes. Also, how can you not get a kick from former Iceman Shawn Ashmore, now essentially playing fellow X-Man Pyro?

Mother Milk's character development was a thing of beauty, in fact, he developed so much he basically became a vintage cheddar. He brought more humanity to the story than ever, especially when creating a dollhouse for his little girl. It showed us that under all that muscle and hardman exterior was an emotional being who loves those closest to him.

“If you’re the f*****g reason I can’t finish that Vermont Country Doll House I will f*****g end you.”

Homelander's ego

Lastly, this moment with Doppelganger was a f*****g moment wasn’t it?

Hearing the sentence- Homelander on Homelander action, may make you think you are in store for an epic superhero face-off, and while that is somewhat true, it is something far more disturbing that will truly affect my slumber for years to come.

A perfect and creepy depiction of Homelander's loneliness, and self-centred psyche, Anthony Starr played this scene perfectly as always, bringing that balance of menace and crazy that he brought to the whole of season two.

Also, we can't deny he did rock that dress.

The Boys season 2 reaches its climax on Friday the 9th of October, so what stupid Supe c**t would dare miss it!?

Stay tuned for our breakdown of the blood-filled finale and let us know your favourite moments down below!

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