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The Fresh Take Thanksgiving Feast

What are you thankful for this year? Is it the great movies that have been released? Or are you even thankful for a couple of turkeys as well? After all, who doesn’t love to watch a bad movie every now and again?

Whether you're thankful or not, today is a very important day especially if you're celebrating Thanksgiving. That's why we've decided to take you pilgrims out for a slap-up meal at the Fresh Take Thanksgiving Feast, where you'll get a starter, main and dessert to get stuck into on this American national holiday.

Disclaimer: The following films cannot be eaten or digested by the stomach, if you happen to eat an old VHS tape of the following films then Fresh Take have no legal responsibilities regarding your healthcare needs.


Starter - Mashed Potatoes (2009)

A great starter or side, this film will set your palette up for the rest of this filmtastic meal. I suppose you want to know the contents of the film? Well, I can guarantee you this is not a film about mash potatoes. Well technically it is, but not as you know them, it’s a dancing film that is inspired by The Mashed Potato dance which was made famous by funk legend James Brown.

The IMDb bio for the film doesn’t exactly give much away, ‘An unlikely dancer competes for the final spot on a new 70's dance show.’ If you’re looking to boogie on down, then this might be the film for you it has funky dance sequences and an infectious soul-inspired soundtrack that is just bound to have you doing the mashed potato, one way or another.

Main - Addams Family Values (1993)

The pièce de résistance of Thanksgiving, what would this national holiday be without a plump juicy bird.

Oi! Get that mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about Turkey.

Providing our bird is going to be the Addams Family Values which has a selection of iconic scenes. However, I think we all know the one I’m referring to, the scene from Camp Chippewa where camp leaders Gary and Becky Granger derive great satisfaction from making the children perform a play of the first Thanksgiving for the camp attendees parents. What they didn't count on was Wednesday and Pugsley sabotaging the performance, setting fire to the camp, and sticking the camp leaders on a roasting spit.

Clears throat…

"Happy Happy Turkey Day

Hunger pains will go away

When you hear the pilgrims say

It's Happy Turkey Day!"

Dessert - Jack-O (1995)

Anyone for a slice of pumpkin pie?

This staple American dessert is a must at any Thanksgiving soiree. What isn’t; is a crazy pumpkin-headed demon looking for revenge because your ancestors killed a warlock. My deepest apologies to anybody who does celebrate Thanksgiving like this - we don’t judge here.

This is the plot for the 1995 film, Jack-O, which sees a pumpkin demon try his best to kill the Kelly family, all because one of their ancestors hanged a warlock hundreds of years before. They do say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in this case, I’m not too sure.

If you do watch Jack-O with a slice of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, then make sure he doesn’t come after you for eating his children.

Leftovers -

You didn’t honestly think we weren’t going to have leftovers, did you?

Free Birds - (2013)

Out of all the films on this list, this would probably make the most sense to watch as it’s literally a film about Thanksgiving or I should say it’s about turkeys going back in time to stop it from ever happening. Free Birds follows Reggie the turkey who fears Thanksgiving and decides to put a stop to it by time travelling back to the first-ever one in 1621.

I mean thinking about it now watching this film while chowing down on a turkey dinner feels barbaric, so maybe it’s best to watch it at Christmas or... oh wait a minute…

Chicken Run - (2000)

The British version of Free Birds - Chicken Run will keep you full this Thanksgiving, as you relive the story of Ginger and the rest of the coop flying their way to safety. A great poultry alternative who prefer softer meat, especially with the hopeful optimism of the chickens making it to freedom to escape Mrs Tweedy and her chicken pies! Maybe she should grow pumpkins?

By the way, try not to throw up those leftovers, as hard as it may be when this movie features voice acting from Mel Gibson.

Chicken Little - (2005)

The protagonist may be a whiney little chicken, but this movie is not on the list for him. It’s on here because of Mayor Turkey Lurkey, one of politics' greatest ever minds and…. (is that a penny?)

The Lighthouse - (2019)

Hey guys!

Have you heard about Robert Pattinson’s new campaign to keep our beaches free of those pesky seagulls? Basically, he plucks them from the sky and starts swinging them side to side onto a concrete slab and then boom just like that fewer air rats.

Stephen Seagul is said to still be in hiding as he fears Pattinson might come after him next.

This was a joke, I mean Pattinson is a seagull killer but only in the critically acclaimed The Lighthouse which shows two lighthouse keepers descending into madness as a storm leaves them stranded on a remote island.

Just one watch of this scene and I don’t think you’ll begrudge giving a seagull the odd chip ever again.

So there you have it our Fresh Take Thanksgiving Feast, we hope you enjoyed it and if you do decide to watch any of these films then remember to be thankful for their creation.


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