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Training Day - We need another lesson

Training is and always should be of paramount importance. It’s a grand opportunity to improve on yourself and sharpen those core skills.

I’m positive that a large majority of the LAPD would benefit from some type of training day, let’s not be dubious here the majority of law enforcement in America could do with retraining.

So, Training Day, a greatly crafted production that highlights morality and the abuse of legal power. The 2001 thriller is a cult classic; it showcases captivating performances from Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke as the ultimate battle of corruption and code plays out on our screens.

Training Day is a top tier film and all, but it would be pretty epic to see an updated version. Hollywood has already had a punt at remaking Training Day in 2015 with the CBS commissioned TV series which was set 15 years after the original film. But, alas it was cancelled after one season due to the unfortunate passing of Bill Paxton who played Frank Roarke in the series.

Further developments happened in October 2019 when a spooky announcement was made about a potential prequel. The new film is going to follow a younger Alonzo Harris and place him in April 1992, a couple of days before the decision of the Rodney King trial and the infamous L.A. Riots.

Listen here Hollywood! Nobody wants to see a younger Alonzo, we want the original film in all of its glory.

I’ve taken the liberty of breaking it down to a few simple equations for you.

Training Day + prequel = Poor Box Office

Training Day + Remake = $$$

A remake with today's crop of talent has great potential and a 20th anniversary of the original release would be the perfect reason to make it happen. The plot we all know and love has to remain unchanged, but the same rule doesn’t necessarily have to apply for the timing. A modern Training Day would look sublime with the advancement of technology we have now.

Washington and Hawke could still have a part to play in the remake, and I’m positive they'd love to be involved in some way.

But it does have us pondering who would play the legendary characters of Alonzo Harris and Jake Hoyt in a modern-day remake.

So we decided to have a go at casting the five main characters from the film.


Alonzo - Omari Hardwick

In the well-respected business world, Omari Hardwick is better known as James St Patrick. On the streets, he goes by the simple name of Ghost and is the biggest drug dealer in New York City.

Of course, this is a character he has played for six years on the TV series Power, but Hardwick has done it with such realism that you find it hard to believe that he isn’t Ghost. This is an actor with an abundance of talent and someone that could easily replicate Washington's role.

Jake - Alex Pettyfer

This is an actor whose stock is constantly rising, he has had some great roles during his short career, and I’m sure he will continue to strive as his acting journey continues. Pettyfer rose to fame in 2006 when he was cast in Stormbreaker to play teenage spy Alex Rider. But those days are long over, and now the Stevenage born actor is becoming known for more serious roles.

In 2018, he played a journalist who uncovers the ungodly murders of 22,000 Poles under Starlin’s instructions in the post-World War II film The Last Witness.

After other roles in films such as Elvis & Nixon and Back Roads, its cleat this is an actor that can thrive in a serious role.

Roger - Bob Odenkirk

We better get to calling Saul because we think that Bob Odenkirk would make an excellent Roger in the remake. The role of Roger is integral to the film, it helps to sum up the plot, and it needs to be played with a tone of arrogance. Odenkirk is one of those universal actors that would fit perfectly into the role.

Sara - Eva Mendes

That’s right, Eva Mendes is retaining her role as Sara in the remake, and that’s because she hasn’t aged a day since 2001. The part of Sara has limited dialogue, and Mendes does a great job of blending into the gritty Training Day environment, along with it having the potential to show older actresses can play these leading roles.

Smiley - Rick Gonzalez

The role of gang member Smiley becomes more important as the film reaches its climax. In the original 2001 film, Smiley is played terrifically by Cliff Curtis who does an excellent job of portraying a violent dope slinger who is ready to kill at the drop of a hat.

In a modern-day remake, Rick Gonzalez would do the role justice. The 41-year-old actor has had a variety of roles, and it would make us very... Happy to watch him play Smiley.

Unfortunately, a remake hasn't been announced, but the prequel will certainly be an interesting watch, and you never know it could be a roaring success. In the coming months, we will be keeping a hawk-eye on production, and hopefully, the end result will be a welcomed addition to the Training Day family.

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