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What’s next for The Boys? (spoilers)

It's undeniable The Boys’ thrilling season 2 finale packed a punch. With Aya Cash’s Stormfront compromised after young Ryan popped his superpower cherry, the constant switching of allegiances, plus the revelation Vought was founded by Nazis, there's a fair amount to uncover...

Showrunner Eric Kripke certainly deserves a lot of credit for what he has brought with season 2 and the finale "What I Know" lived up to the hype and providing us with answers, shockers, and gorgeous views of New York' late-night skyline…

Like the bottle The Boys tried to take Ryan from right under his nose.

The episode largely centres on The Boys helping Butcher's wife Rebecca try to get her son back from the clutches of the sinister Homelander and Stormfront. Eventually, their plan leads to a super-fight breaking out between Stormfront, Kimiko, and Starlight in which the foiled fascist snaps Kimiko’s neck before turning her attention to Starlight. Thankfully the ever in the shadows Queen Maeve shows up resulting in a healed Kimiko, Maeve, and Starlight kicking the crap out of a 100-year-old woman (don't worry she's a Nazi).

The finale eventually gives us three massive bombshells in a row. The first being the destruction of Stormfront, the second Ryan’s accidental killing of Rebecca, and the third being a maddened Homelander who deals with losing Stormfront and potentially Ryan...

The latter is eventually made possible thanks to Maeve who once again appears from nowhere before threatening to release footage from the infamous plane crash in season 1. In one fell swoop Homelander loses everyone he loves in order to hold onto the only thing he has left- his reputation (something that is unravelling day by day).

After all that chaos, the main question on everyone's lips (apart from Kimiko's) is what’s next for The Boys? Well, likelihood is the gang could be facing a new enemy in congresswoman Victoria Neuman, with one of the final sequences of season 2 revealing her to be the mystery head popper we all wondered about since episode 1.

If I didn't want a Fresca before, then I definitely don’t want one now.


So what's in store in Season 3?

The good news is The Boys has already been renewed by Amazon for a third season. In fact, it got renewed before season 2 even started, which just goes to show the faith and hype Kripke and his team have created.

The bad news is filming hasn’t even started, and we don’t have any idea of a release date, but I guess we can’t have everything, can we?

After the crazy season finale, we have an inkling of what the boys will be doing with their downtime. Butcher looks ready to play 18 holes every weekend and retire from the game, Hughie has grown up and got a proper job while MM, Frenchie and Kimiko all seem to have walked off into the sunset for their happy normal lives. But knowing The Boys their happiness certainly won't last, especially if the comics are anything to go by...

Not the kind of twinkle you want to see in someone's eyes...

Tensions within The Seven also look fraught (fraught at Vought) as Starlight and A-train are back in the fold ready to fight crime (seriously does any member of The Seven fight crime anymore?) With no word on Black Noir, bar maybe a sponsorship deal for new nut-free Snickers, the future of The Seven looks stretched thin at best.

Who could possibly replace the likes of The Deep, Translucent, or Stormfront? "Soulja boy, I tell 'em”.

Yep, you heard it here first, Soulja Boy has been confirmed as the latest character to join the boys in season 3. The "Crank That" rapper has...

Hang on a minute.


Debuting in season 3 will be Supernatural star Jensen Ackles who will be taking on the role of Soldier Boy, “The original superhero” who fought in World War II and was one of the first celebrity supes.

They sure went from Nazis to Uncle Sam pretty damn quick, didn’t they?

But with rumours also circulating around The Walking Dead star and legend, Jeffery Dean Morgan joining the cast and the potential return of "Love Sausage" (the girthy supe who snaked his way around MM) the third season could most definitely be a mind-blowing one at least (I shouldn't have said that.)

While we won't expect a trailer anytime soon, we are sure that with all this buzz around The Boys it won’t be too long before we get an update. The question on our mind is will Homelander play fair or will he find a way to undermine Queen Maeve and send her plan crashing to the ground...

A lack of Vought is something we definitely weren't short of last season, with the evil company being at the forefront of pretty much every episode. But with many of the company's dirty secrets in the open and more and more enemies out there than ever, surely the future means less corporate and more fighting?


The season finale was certainly exciting, but some of the gaps from season 2 would be perfect to expand on next time. Here are some aspects we'd like to see in season 3...

Stormfront’s real persona - As epic as her demise was, we just can’t imagine the show without Aya Cash so we secretly hope Stormfront still has a part to play in the third season. Maybe she can be just a crazy german talking head and torso held in a Vought maximum security prison, warning of the perils to come?

Butcher not claiming Ryan - Imagine Butcher raising Homelander's son to be Homelander's killer? This is most certainly an avenue for future seasons. With Ryan safely with the CIA, Butcher's final lesson to his widow's son really leaves us wanting more adoptive father and son bonding...

Kimiko not uttering her first words - After a season filled with her struggling to convey what she meant, and teaching Frenchie her sign language, her final fight with Stormfront seemed to scream out for her to let loose shouting- “This is for my brother” or “f*** you Nazis scum!”, I mean either would’ve sufficed, right?

Regardless, girls certainly do "get it done."

Season 2 was another fantastic tour-de-force from the cast and crew who we all will be eager to all see return... Whenever that may be.

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