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What your favourite Hargreeves says about you?

Umbrella Academy season 2 gave us an even closer look into the lives and abilities of the Hargreeves children. Each character has been so brilliantly built upon, with new layers to their personalities that it’s possible to relate to them all. But what does your favourite sibling say about you?

1. Luther

You are: loyal, resilient and somewhat naïve.

It’s likely that, if Luther is your favourite of the Hargreeves, that you are loving, kind, but rely heavily on other people’s opinions of you. You want to be perceived as a leader, devoting yourself loyally to a cause, even when there is no one there to appreciate it. This can leave you feeling isolated and alone. However, you have a strong moral compass, are able to bounce back from a setback and when you love, you love intensely.

2. Diego

You are: emotional, impulsive and protective.

If Diego is your favourite it’s likely you feel things intensely and act on them impulsively. However, this can often be used to protect the people that you care about intensely. You likely put up a confident persona to mask a troubled past or a sadness that you just can’t explain fully. Most importantly, you know what you want, and you won’t stop until you reach that goal...

3. Allison

You are: determined, kind-hearted and occasionally irrational.

Like Diego, if Allison is your favourite, you know exactly what you want and will do anything to get it. These actions might not be the best for the people around you and can leave you feeling a little isolated. Self-reflection is key to understanding how your actions may have impacted the people in your life. However, you’re also likely to be an activist, extending love and support to those who may need it and being vocal, using your platform for education and encouragement.

4. Klaus

You are: fun-loving, rebellious and unreliable.

Favouring Klaus (which many likely do) suggests that you have probably been through quite a lot, and come a long way. You tend to avoid the issues, seeking out ways to subdue the feelings that come from traumatic experiences. You’re also likely to be incredibly funny, although it’s a comedy not everyone is always comfortable with, either sarcastic or based in this prior trauma. Have we mentioned that you are also likely to be on the LGBTQ+ spectrum?

5. Number Five

You are: intelligent, prideful and ruthless.

A quick study, you are likely to be able to learn things in order to implement them and make life easier. Sometimes this is how you can cut people out of your life entirely. It’s not something you necessarily enjoy but you know, in the long run, it’ll be worth it. You may be slightly more prideful, knowing you have the intellect to back yourself up. Despite this, you have intense compassion for your close circles, working to protect and defend your family even in that hardest of times.

6. Ben

You are: kind, overlooked and scared.

You have so much untapped potential. Either you’ve been told you can’t, or you’ve talked yourself out of a situation. Now is the time to seize that power. People may overlook you for being quiet, but you know that you are able to outshine them all and do what many may find too difficult. Your ability to empathise with people with their emotions makes you a kind and loving friend, and someone that everyone wants to have around.

7. Vanya

You are: underestimated, recovering and family-oriented.

While you probably have a very turbulent relationship with your family, they are still your driving force in life. They’ve moulded you, for better or worse, and once you realise that you can grow to be the person you are meant to be. There’s a long road to being able to trust people ahead, but you’ll get there. Not everyone is going to push you to the side forever, namely because there is so much untapped potential. Like Ben, you have the power to seize and become the best version of yourself.

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